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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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So in Roddenberry's universe you can go into a bar and order as many drinks as you like?
No, because we've seen our heroes pay for things at many a bar, including one on Space Station K-7 which was run by a human.

Look, people can try to rationalize this all they want. The simple fact is that despite what Picard may want Lily to believe, we have seen on-screen evidence time and time and time again that Federation citizens do use money of some sort. From Scotty buying a boat to Crusher buying a bolt of fabric to Sisko buying real estate. There are tons of examples. Way too many to hand wave away.
Also I believe in one of the last TNG episodes, Riker is talking to Quark and trying to get him to give up some information. Riker - I'm paraphrasing here - cashes in all the Federation credit vouchers he's accumulated at Quark's. So basically Riker gives Quark a specific sum of money (Federation credits) in exchange for information.
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