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Well of course people can make an honest choice to not hurt animals. It's when they start trying to tell me that I can't eat meat because it hurts animals, that I start getting annoyed.
And has anyone here even come close to doing that?
TBH I've come close. I've been pretty direct that eating seafood isn't vegetarian and certainly think that eating meat is wrong.

Yes, animals kill each other all the time, but we're evolved. We have empathy and should know better.

We only rarely need to kill for survival, and normally only do so for pleasure - we like the taste of meat.

However, I wish to state I know very few vegetarians/vegans and have many carniverous friends. I don't hate all meat eaters...
Yeah, but you also don't come off as an asshole or use false claims when stating your opinions. So far the only people who have done that in this thread are the ones saying it's wrong to be a vegetarian/vegan.

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