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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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But there's an entire thread in the Forum That Shalt Not Be Named (Z) dedicated to ridiculing people behind their backs, like the Cool Kids Table in a high-school lunch room.
Presumably, you're talking about the series of threads that your posting history shows you've posted in HUNDREDS of times? In fact, you STARTED one of them, didn't you?

Come on, man. Can't even say that backfired on you, as pretty sure you had to be aiming at yourself, no?

All well and good unless it's not going your way, in which case they're all jerks? At least be consistent.

Why are you determined to jump on this particular bonfire, anyway? You're aware that this wasn't your thread, and isn't about you, no matter how much you want it to be? As little as I understand Flux's rationale for bringing it up again every time it dies down, I get your insistence on trying to make it about YOU even less...
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