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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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No. The interirors of the 1701 are timeless; have you noticed how the DS9 and Enterprise episodes featuring TOS sets look slick with modern cameras & lighting?
They do to Trek fans, yeah. That doesn't mean that they actually don't look dated.
Trek fans would be the biggest critics about that; they have a franchise that was able to enjoy advancement in art direction / technology over the decades, so they would know what still works and what does not.
No, because they respond to it with a built-in bias. Star Trek fans are inclined to like Star Trek (duh) and quite often rate it more highly in just about every respect than TV viewers and movie audiences in general do.

How about you--what did you think of the Defiant interiors as seen in the ENT two-parter?
I liked seeing the TOS sets again, the same as I do in fan films. Did it look as real or plausible as the sets of, say, the NX-01? No, in no way whatsoever.

It's worth noting that the Enterprise crew chose to light those sets very differently than the DS9 folks had to in order to match the source footage from "The Trouble With Tribbles."
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