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Re: Competition: write an episode of Star Trek Continues

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But that's dealing with a name professional who was selling something related to their IP via a commercial website. That's bound to set the alarm bells flashing in their legal departments.

Anyway, as I said, I don't think we're disagreeing in principle, maybe just on some particulars.
No, what you are referring to was a legal issue that there was a gag order on. Neither CBS, Spinrad nor I (the P2 rep involved in this issue) could discuss the "selling" issue (which was being done through 3 venues) with anyone. The press was all on the very negative "CBS is being a pill and won't let a fanfilm film this script, even though they've let the very same production do the exact same thing wth three other scripts."

I don't think we are disagreeing at all. I think I am just being nit-picky and pointing out that CBS really couldn't care about negative publicity. The only publicity they have personally told me that they care about is when ANY publicity (positive or negative) takes the attention off CBS and JJ Trek. (Such as "William Shatner to guest star in a fanfilm!")

So, feel free to ignore my nit-picky seguay....
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