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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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And just because someone is digging doesn't mean you have to pick up dirt and toss it at them, now does it?

But there's an entire thread in the Forum That Shalt Not Be Named (Z) dedicated to ridiculing people behind their backs, like the Cool Kids Table in a high-school lunch room. Which, sure, is all fine and good for people who're regular problems, trouble makers, or sure regularly the antagonist in situations, but here? Here we've got a guy simply posting videos of traffic annoyances.

So, hey, let's pounce on him the same we pounce on people going into every Trek '09 and '13 thread making complaints about minor things or it not measuring up to TOS.

Don't like Flux's videos or his motivations for posting them on You Tube? Fine. Established. You've made your point, now stop trying to string his underwear up the flagpole and move on.
I might be able to take this more seriously if it wasn't coming from one of the most judgmental people I've ever had to interact with. You are incapable of going five minutes without complaining about something completely innocuous, judging someone for the most superficial and pointless reasons imaginable, and being needlessly insulting.

And since you two seem to have decided to make this about TNZ I will remind you of the rules about what happens in TNZ stays in TNZ. Just because you don't like the way this thread is going doesn't mean you get to throw a grenade to create a distraction. People were reacting negatively to the tone of this thread without TNZ's involvement, and have done so with Flux's previous threads and yours on account of your attitudes, so quit making excuses.
You're black too.

Ah, the old "I am rubber, you are glue..." gambit. Well played, sir. I'm left speechless by the quality of your argument.
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