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All jokes aside. Jolene Blalock maybe a terrific person. She may have been a hard worker. The role of T'Pol was indeed perhaps the trickiest and most difficult to play. I'll conceded all those points, however, she simply, by my estimation, did not have the experience or self-confidence to convincingly play such a demanding role. That is not necessarily a knock on her, but rather the producers who cast Ms. Blalock in the part - they threw her to wolves.
I love Enterprise, I love Jolene, and T'Pol was my favorite of the charaters, but I have to grudgingly agree with the above. I don't think she even realized she'd been given one of the greatest female roles in (TV) Trek history. Jolene constantly complained that T'Pol wasn't being written the way a Vulcan was supposed to be written. It sounded like she wanted the character to be written exactly like Spock, apparently unaware that because he was half human, Spock struggled to suppress emotion as much as T'Pol did.

Here she'd been given a character who was supposed to suppress emotions yet was fascinated by them, had had trouble all her life suppressing them, all while living on a small ship full of emotional humans, one of whom she developes a close friendship with, another, a romantic relationship. There are many actors who would have killed for a role like this.

She was like a fan, complaining about what Vulcans should and should not be doing. To me, this is where her inexperience showed.

She apparently wanted T'Pol to be far more in control of her emotions -- and a lot less intriguing. I do think you should watch season 3. I think Jolene did better, though a more accomplished actor might have had fans screaming for an Emmy nomination with what might have been done with the material.
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