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Life Purpose

As humans we find that the preliminary purpose of life is to find food, water, warmth and shelter. These are the basics of our survival.
Striving for these things can encompass much of our time depending on our circumstances and where we live.
So to a lot of people that's what life is mainly about, finding these things and simply existing day to day.

But in the western world mostly, such things as food, water, warmth and shelter are abundant and such things are of no worry to many people. So what then is the purpose for living?

What is there to strive for that give any meaning?

I find myself in a life position where everything is fine. I have work, money, a car, necessities (food etc), net access, smartphone etc etc. I'm finding that life has very little meaning.
My time away from work is spent, well, doing nothing and being bored and having nothing to do that gives me much joy.

What is there to this life when survival isn't a necessary focus?
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