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Re: The Sliders Kickstarter campaign

While obviously done as a joke I think Jerry would want to do a movie. He has had a very steady string of roles since the show ended. But that was really one of the few times he was ever the lead star.

Its seems like Universal has done little with its continuing their older sci-fi franchises. Or at least the ones I followed. Battlestar Galatica being the only exception I can think of.

With Back to the Future, its clear that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have veto power to stop Universal for exploiting the characters and name. Which I am happy with. They told the story they wanted and won't let anyone exploit it. At least we are starting to see some collectables and merchandise appear. But thats seems totally fueled by forces outside of Universal.
Quantum Leap. Nothing. I have no idea the reason. Scott Bakula and creator Don Bellisario want to bring back. The only hold back maybe be Don wants a feature. Also him and producer Deborah Pratt want to do some different. No problem right? They were married when they show was being made and are now divorced. Reading between the lines from both of them, I think she had bigger role in the creation of the show than it would appear. She was the second biggest writer after him. The divorce may have complicated legal issues. She wants to have a sequel starring Sam's daughter, which she created in an episode she wrote. Beyond that there have been no tie books or comics in years.
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