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Re: E-Books or Paper Books

Garrovick wrote: View Post
I like paper books; I only read e-books right now for works that aren't available on paper. It's not that I have anything against e-books per se, I just prefer having the paper book. If Pocket was to stop publishing paper books I'd switch over with no problem.
This describes my behavior and attitude very accurately (with caveat below).

Therin of Andor wrote: View Post
As a Star Trek collector, I want the physical book to hold, admire, display, organize, but I've probably overfilled my dedicated Star Trek shrine/room since 1980 and - especially the recent IDW comics - the more recent purchases are stacking up in piles in other rooms. It's out of control.
This (in both the positive and negative respects). I also do prefer having concrete representations of my investments (partly, theoretically, due to their resale value, which is a reflection of my general financial policies, not my specific attitudes towards TrekLit).

Part of my issue with ebooks is that I already spend a lot of time on screens every day, and I have found that reading ebooks cuts out a small but useful part of my day where I'm off-screen.

Of course, part of this issue is that I'm using rather old screens to read; my phone is nearly ancient at this point, and I read on a laptop of similar age. In the years since I bought these items, visual displays have vastly improved and now produce more natural images that are crisper and easier to read.

In a few years, I'll probably buy a (by that point, very out of date) iPad and I suspect I will use ebooks much more then.
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