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Re: Next Microsoft OS "Windows Blue" leaked online

WinSuperSite wrote:
First, there is a clear move to emphasize Metro over the desktop. If you had any hope that the firm was listening to the increasingly shrill complaints from the desktop crowd and would offer any form of concession at all, there is zero evidence of that in this build. Blue build 9364 is all about Metro or, more concisely, about removing the need to use the desktop as much as was required in the original release of Windows 8. It’s still a hybrid OS, of course, with both Metro and desktop “personalities.” But the desktop personality is being shunted further off to the side. Those who think this won’t continue over subsequent releases are delusional. Think about the command line in Windows over the years. That’s the desktop.
The rest is here.

I was really hoping they'd concede somewhat to desktop users, but apparently, their largest user base isn't important anymore in the face of tablets becoming far more numerous.
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