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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

Flux Capacitor wrote: View Post
There's being objective and giving your opinion, and then there's being objective, giving your opinion in a sarcastic, smarmy, assholish way.
Like how some people secretly tape other people driving and then give their opinions on the matter in a sarcastic, smarmy, or assholish way?

Yeah. I hate those bitches.

Flux Capacitor wrote: View Post
Yes, I asked for feedback, but what I didn't ask for was people to come at me personally, starting posts in other parts of the board talking shit as if I can't read it, telling me I should be ashamed of what I've done and generally painting me as a bad person for posting some 10-15 second videos of YouTube.
The theme of those "OTHER PARTS OF THE BOARD" is if you can't stand the heat, stay out of there. It's like a kitchen, but maddeningly devoid of women.

Guess what! Not everyone on the internet is going to like you, especially in a forum on THE OTHER PART OF THE BOARD that is pretty much populated by opinionated assholes who hate everyone. Put on your big boy pants and accept it. We'll all be better for it. Or, leave us alone.
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