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Season 3 is still my favorite. But DS9 remains my favorite series overall. For me it's DS9, TNG, ENT then TOS (having not seen VOY all the way through yet).
T-T-TOS is ranked l-l-last! Oh lordy, blasphemy!

Absolutely Just kidding.

Favorite series (in order)

TOS, DS9, TNG, VOY and then ENT

I only made it through four or five seasons of Voyager. The weird thing is I don't have any bad feelings toward it - I just got tired of the overuse of the holo-deck and the constant resets. Tim Russ though is a perfect example of someone who appeared not to have a good grasp on his character in the beginning but turned it around. And it didn't take him 2+ seasons to do it.

My favorite Captains (in order):

Kirk, Sisko, Janeway, Picard and then Archer.

How's that for a bone in which to beat me with? Janeway over Picard! Be kind and no hitting in the face.
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