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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

Lets now fix this forever, shall we?
Troi did not crash the ship, the reason why it happened is in the dialogue:

DATA: One minute to warp core breach.
RIKER: Begin separation sequence. Full impulse power once we're clear. Warp core is going critical.
DATA: Separation complete.
TROI: Engaging impulse engines.
DATA (OC): Core breach in progress.
COMPUTER VOICE: Primary stabilisers off-line. Engaging secondary systems.
RIKER: Report!
TROI: Helm controls are off-line!
DATA: Oh, shit...
(on the viewscreen Data has realised the saucer section is hurtling towards the planet)[/SIZE][/FONT]
As you can see, the helm did not work,
thus nobody was able to fly the ship after the explosion..not even if Data would have been at the helm
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