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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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It becomes something I do every now and then and people seem to like them.
Does anyone outside your immediate family like them? They're not the best judge of what's good or not.
First of all, what the hell do you know about my immediate family's ability to judge what is good or not? Second of all, no, I also have several friends, co-workers and extended family members who have expressed enjoyment of my videos.

But hey, you guys don't like 'em so they must be wrong.
Lighten up Francis. My point is what LoB said. Immediate family and friends are going to love them, just like how my mom thought I should've been the most popular kid in school even though all laws of Adolescence forbade it.

Forbode? Forbidded?

You mom is never going to tell you the truth. Your family's politics aside, she loves you and would be proud of everything you matter how asinine or childish it may be. She's your mom. That's her job. To love you and all your crapulence without condition.

Likewise, most of your friends are going to tell you what you want to hear...or they're your friends because you share common interests. "Peaching to the choir" would work here.

However, we get to be objective. We're not your mom so we don't think you're a special little snowflake. Most of us aren't your friends so your feelings are irrelevant to us (at least the adults who don't think you're a special little snowflake). We're calling it like we see it.

Don't like it? Don't post. Stop crying about shit being unfair. Personal responsibility. Buy your damned motorcycle, stick your phone to the tank so you can film mundane traffic occurrences. Do whatever the hell you want. But if you post them in a place and ask for opinions and they're not the opinions you're looking for...

Then thank us for being honest, wipe up the tears, and back out of the room.
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