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Oh, 30%; why didn't you say!! lol.
That is an unwarranted ad hominem argument. Please debate the topic and kindly refrain from personal attacks or attempts at ridicule.

A roughly 30% sampling is more than enough to form an accurate assessment and justified opinion.

I have watched the entire series numerous times and that is what my opinion is based on. Its very hard to give a good performance without conveying any emotion and Blalock did a good job (but it would take watching the show to understand that, ).
So we have a simple disagreement regarding the (de)merits of "Enterprise." I happen to feel that it is unreasonable to say anyone needs to hang-on through two seasons (conservatively speaking) of drek to find enjoyment or any sense of quality in "Enterprise" (or any series for that matter).

I practice what I preach. I loved Deep Space Nine, but when someone in another folder asked if they should watch the series' for the first time I advised them not to. I did this based on their stated likes and dislikes. I did it out of an honest desire for someone not to waste their time on something it sounded as if they wouldn't appreciate even though, as a fan, I would love to have more folks discover this true saga of a series (Deep Space Nine).

Having said all that - I wish you well.
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Yes, Virginia, this post is an expression of my opinion.
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