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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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Does anyone outside your immediate family like them? They're not the best judge of what's good or not.
First of all, what the hell do you know about my immediate family's ability to judge what is good or not? Second of all, no, I also have several friends, co-workers and extended family members who have expressed enjoyment of my videos.

But hey, you guys don't like 'em so they must be wrong.
I think it was more of a point about how family and friends might not be the most objective source of criticism since they're, you know, family and friends, but yeah, you should take it as a personal insult instead, just to remain consistent.
Except that's not what he said. Did he say "family and friends?" No, he said "immediate family". Did he say that they may not be objective? No, he said "They're not the best judge of what's good or not." You're looking for extra meaning where there is none. Now I know he'll swoop in here soon and agree with you and say that's what h meant all along, but seeing as this isn't nearly the first time my family has been personally insulted on this BBS, especially by this specific poster, I'm inclined to disagree and take what he said literally.
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