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Okay, I've just finished watching the series finale over lunch. It wasn't my favorite episode, but thankfully I was prepared for that after reading some comments on this board. I wish we had the opportunity to actually hear Archer's speech.
Anyway, the previous episode was indeed much better. It marked the only time my eyes got a misty during this series...and I can't believe it was Phlox who made it happen! I believe they could have stretched the Terra Prime arc over several episodes if they had time...I really liked that. And what do you know, Travis was actually given some time in the spotlight again! Perhaps if the series continued, his character would have developed further. I liked that actress they put with him. The least they could have done was let him become emperor in the Mirror Universe episodes! By the way, if they would create a spin-off of Enterprise that was just focused on the Mirror Universe, I would totally watch that! I really enjoyed those episodes.

Season 3 is still my favorite. But DS9 remains my favorite series overall. For me it's DS9, TNG, ENT then TOS (having not seen VOY all the way through yet). That's not counting the movies. I loved the classic Trek movies. For me everything got better in the movies overall than the television series (referring to TOS, not TNG). Full disclosure - I grew up with TNG and the Trek films. I saw some TOS here and there, but only recently did I finally watch it the whole way through.

Glad I watched Enterprise! I would have missed out on some awesome Trek if I stopped after the first season or two. Now onto Voyager...
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