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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

Yes exactly, I never said this guy would be a world beater. I'm saying he had a decent spring and showed some upside in his minor league career which translated into him spinning that into a part time catching gig while Mac is on the shelf. Not saying he is going to be great but as you already pointed out, he is competing with Gerald Laird so of course he can easily exceed expactations. The Braves have nothing to lose by plugging in a platooning 26 year old rookie in the 8 hole. If he underachieves then it makes the decision easy when Mac comes back to demote him to AAA. Or who knows, maybe this kid has turned the corner and they catch lightning in a bottle. Nothing wrong with him getting at bats to see what he can do.

I am fully aware that stats are an evaluation of talent but they aren't the be all end all of that evaluation. The coaching staff makes a determination of how the player is progressing and what skill set they currently have; seeing the ball, batting stance adjustments,etc. You know as well as anybody that prior year stats are rarely indicative of a player as a whole. Look at Justin Upton. He had an MVP calibur year two years ago and then struggled last year. There comes a time when you give a guy the chance and find out with your own eyes if the guy can play at the big league level.
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