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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

Ok I'll tell you everything... there's this place it's called... the tower *cut to black*

Really? Was that supposed to be a cliffhanger? Are we all mad-excited to know more? Frothing at the mouth?

It was an OK episode I guess, but the tone of this show is all wrong. Really... General Whatshisbooger, Bemis, and Whatsherbooger... their attack plan is to offer to let the guy surrender, followed by the 3v20 sword assault? I mean, I can accept the 3v20 sword win in a TV show. I mean, it's fiction.. I get it. That's fine. But for that to be the actual plan? I can only accept it if they're in a situation gone horribly wrong. I mean shit at least try to ambush them at some point where they're not expecting it.

Too cartoony.

And so Receding Hairline G-Man has some motivation for accidentally destroying the world. And he sees an opportunity to rebuild the world the way it should be. Great! That's good villain stuff. But really that would have worked a lot better if the dead kid in Afghanistan had a little build-up. I'm feeling a serious lack of subtlety in this show.
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