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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

I suspected what the final twist in the Rear Window case would turn out to be, but I wasn't invested enough in the story to care that much either way. I'm just getting sick of these "Castle has a wacky theory that nobody else believes" episodes; the "killer video" episode a couple of weeks ago was the shark-jump moment for me, and even though this one had a cute twist on it, I'm just sick of seeing it. Seriously, when I saw the promo and learned that next week's case involves
I was literally yelling "No, not again!" at the screen. This has become his thing now, increasingly overshadowing everything else about his character. In TV Tropes lingo, he's been Flanderized. I'm honestly not sure I even want to watch next week.

Alexis made a good Grace Kelly, though.
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