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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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Cain allowed Gina to be repeatedly raped by soldiers for fun. Anyone who thinks Cain is admirable should sit with that one for a little bit and if you still think she's admirable after that then please make sure you never allow yourself to be in a position of power as you clearly have no sense of decency.
I think it's important to mention that Cain hadn't had the same experiences with the Cylons that Adama's gang had. She and her crew viewed them as toasters that were faking any and all emotions, just like Adama's crew did early on.
No, she was fully aware of their emotional capacity and was in fact specifically exploiting those emotions as a means to an end:

Cain is deeply stung by Inviere's betrayal, her feelings toward her erstwhile lover turned into hatred and scorn. Cain gives Alastair Thorne free rein in interrogating the Cylon for information, suggesting "pain ... degradation, fear, shame." This sets the tone for the interrogations, ultimately leading to measures such as gang rape.
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