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Re: ''Schindler's List'' Special Remastered Edition, Colorized and 3-D

It can read several different ways, depending on how you read it. I'll spoon-feed it in the near future, should it come to that, but I think Flying Spaghetti Monster and perhaps the G-man see what is being attempted.

Of all the celebrity washouts mentioned, it had to be Jay Leno. To compare my post to Jay Leno in any way (at least post-1992) is as insulting as it is laughable. How many nine-year-olds concern themselves with Amon Goeth? Would Jay Leno even approach that level?

Unmitigated mule fritters, they would. And nobody even mentioned the most obvious error in the post. I'm not bothering to correct it because I have zero respect for Eminem.

Lastly, if we've come to the point that two paragraphs is too long, God help us as a country. It may be too late to recommend ''A Modest Proposal.'' It's well over 140 characters.
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