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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Governor Affleck of California?
Yea that was hilarious. At least we to more of the backstory on Randall Flynn.

Anyone catch it but it's obvious that the writers are giving Stephen King's character Randall Flagg, and homage in the series by naming the antagonist, Flynn.

As an aside, the writers of the Walking Dead did the same for King by naming the fictional county Rick was from, "King County, GA," when no such place exists.

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Eh, it was OK. I was glad to see someone finally say, "Just tell me what's going on!" Geez.

Nice to see the guy from Alphas; glad he's got a new gig. Funny how the library had an entire section devoted to Stephen King and someone is holding The Stand and saying, "It's about the end of the world."

I still think super-teen-girl is the most boring character on the show.
See above, the writers are OD'ing on King in Revolution.
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