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Re: The Sliders Kickstarter campaign

Wow Jerry took a slight jab at Kari Wurher.

I remember more of the back stage drama than the actual show.

John Rhys-Davies drunk during a party

Sabrina Lloyd locking herself in a trailer over a comment made by Kari

Why Did Sabrina Lloyd Leave Sliders?

Even though Kari and Sabrina did not get along well to begin with, the major sticking point between the two was the fact that Sabrina was engaged to one of the Sliders crew members at the time (you can see Sabrina alluding to this several times in her 1997 Universal On-Line Chat). One day during a script read through, Kari made a snide comment about Sabrina's relationship, and this subsequently made Sabrina leave in tears to lock herself in her trailer. And thus, Sabrina held up production even though she wasn't totally at fault. To see allusions to more of Kari's attitude, be certain to check out this Night Magazine Interview. Though Kari doesn't name names, it is obvious that she is referring to Sabrina Lloyd in her comments about the actress who allegedly forgave her years later.

Why Did John Rhys-Davies Leave Sliders?

In December of 1996, a certain Fox employee gained a promotion to become an upper level Fox Executive. In fact, he was given control of a large segment of Fox programming including Sliders. This Fox employee had hosted a Fox party a couple of years before (when Sliders was first beginning), and John was there. Allegedly a very drunk John who targeted and quite thoroughly humiliated that Fox employee.

Supposedly the guy who runs it, Temporal Flux lives next to or knew Cleavant Derrick's neighbor
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