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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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The summary of his minor leage stint last year is a 305 hitter with 18 home runs. He only had 189 AB's with Mississippi.
That .305 average was driven by beating the tar out of advanced A pitchers. It's hardly meaningful, and as I said, he hasn't even seen AAA pitching yet, and those 182 ABs in AA were pretty miserable.

I'm not saying Gattis is a lost cause (he does have a good eye for walks), but his past performance is far from stellar.

Its kind of dickish to call someone recovering from depression a headcase when they have seemingly recovered.
From an objective standpoint, it's absolutely a factor when evaluating his makeup. It's the same reason no one wanted to go longer than four or five years on Josh Hamilton; they didn't want to be on the hook if he started drinking or snorting coke again.

You seem to want to transpose prior year stats as an indicator of future performance.
Past performance is generally how talent is evaluated, yes.

Geez, its not like they inked him to a contract like Verlander's, he won a platoon catching job hitting in the eight hole. Its going to be ok, besides, you already pointed out that the alternative is Gerald Laird. Its no gurantee that Gattis will go down when Mac gets back either. He was orginally an outfielder and the talk is that if he impresses during the first two months, he could find playing time in the outfield on the other players rest days.
Well, Gattis' prospect value takes a huge hit if he goes to the outfield, given how marginal he already is; being a 26-year-old who until now has never gotten above AA is not a good place to be.

Again, I'm not saying he's terrible or a lost cause, I'm just saying that expectations should be pretty low. He mashed in rookie ball and hit a pretty hard wall in AA. Fredi's going to ride Laird until Gattis proves he can actually handle legitimate major-league pitchers.
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