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No but Evan Gattis is expected to do the bulk of the catching. I think Hudson felt a little more comofortable with Laird which is why he played last night. Gattis has monster power and has hit consistently over 300 in the minors. He also had a ridiculously good Spring hitting 357 with six home runs and 16 RBI to win the "starting catching job." I don't expect Laird to finish the season with Atlanta. Laird is going to get playing time for his ability to be a signal caller behind the plate. His bat will be buried towards the back end of the lineup anyway.
Gattis is a complete headcase and he couldn't hit worth shit in AA last year -- he's never even seen AAA pitchers, to say nothing of major league arms. Beyond that, you underestimate just how much Fredi Gonzalez loves Laird. Gattis will probably get 35 - 40 percent of the starts at most until Brian McCann comes back to continue his slow descent into mediocrity, at which point Gattis is going back to the minors.

And, again, hitting like a freak of nature in spring training is totally meaningless. The Royals have something like a .540 winning percentage in spring over the last ten years, for heaven's sake.
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