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April 2013 challenge - Obsessions and Addictions

Picard and the Borg in First Contact, T'Pol and her trellium - Trek has, at times, given us characters who are toppling on the edge. And sometimes they fall off. Your mission is to write about one or more of these troubled folk.

Your story should be original work (i.e. not posted or published so far) and it should be finished when you post it. Post a link to your story in this thread to participate in the challenge.

Apart from that, almost everything goes, original or canon characters, alternate universes, it's up to you. Please, no crossovers. 10,000 word limit but I'm flexible - just ask!

To get us back on a monthly schedule, the deadline is April 25th 23:59 EDT so we can have enough time for voting and starting the next challenge on time.

Enjoy - but don't get too obsessed!
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