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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

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The feedback I'm getting is to make sure there's actually something interesting going on in the videos and to not try to manufacture something that wouldn't have happened otherwise. It's been stated by several people that they don't mind that I record the videos (the core purpose of recording being for evidence in the event of an incident) as long as what I'm posting has some form of entertainment value.
I thought the feedback was more along the lines of:

1) Filming for the purpose of having evidence in case of an accident without posting the video anywhere is fine.

2) Posting videos of incredibly minor traffic violations and incidents on YouTube that most people would forget about seconds after it happened seemed rather petty and vindictive.

3) If you're going to be petty and post videos to YouTube anyway, at least make it something entertaining or serious rather than clips of you going mild-flavor road rage over practically nothing.

4) Don't drive aggressively and unsafe yourself just to make a point.

You're practically telling me I should hate myself and be ashamed of my very existence because of it. Yet somehow I'm the judgemental one?
Sure, you come off slightly better than your completely fabricated version of what he said, where he criticized your very existence instead of the things you did in this specific situation.

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It becomes something I do every now and then and people seem to like them.
Does anyone outside your immediate family like them? They're not the best judge of what's good or not.
First of all, what the hell do you know about my immediate family's ability to judge what is good or not? Second of all, no, I also have several friends, co-workers and extended family members who have expressed enjoyment of my videos.

But hey, you guys don't like 'em so they must be wrong.
I think it was more of a point about how family and friends might not be the most objective source of criticism since they're, you know, family and friends, but yeah, you should take it as a personal insult instead, just to remain consistent.

I'll give you this though, this thread is a hell of a lot more entertaining than your YouTube Channel. And to think, the thread was almost dead and drifting off the front page until you resurrected it again and provided more lulz. You're a giver like that.
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