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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

29. Jennifers Body: D+
30. Evil Dead (2013 remake): B+
31. G.I. Joe: Retaliation: B
32. The Dark Knight Returns pt.1: A+
33. The Dark Knight Returns pt.2: A+

Warners hit it out of the park(again) with this DDVD release of a straight up adaptation of the classic '80's graphic novel by Frank Miller.
They did seem to drop in a few nuggets. When Gordon goes to the corner store for groceries you can see a comic rack with Swamp Thing easily seen. When Bruce is trying out his exo-suit and lifts the Batmobile it seems to be the one from the '89 Burton film. Probably some others.

Both installments are just at an hour and 15min so clearly this was a cash grab to split them into two releases at $15-20 a piece. I don't blame them for that but it was plain and why I didn't buy them, I Netflixed them first.
If they release this as one set down the road in a few years I'd pay $15-20 for it that way. If they edit it onto one disc even better. It's one I would have in my library for the correct price.
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