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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yeah, you read posts on a board at imdb about TWD and see if you don't get a little dismissive.
Blergh, I had no idea you were talking about the imdb boards, they're almost as bad as youtube comments. You should have mentioned that earlier, a superior attitude towards many people posting there is healthy and completely justified.

I still didn't like the finale and that is primarily the show's fault, they teased the conflict between the prison and Woodbury almost the entire season and then it fizzled out like that. They did the whole "27 people die, guess who!" thing on twitter, knowing that people would assume a big fight between the groups and many named victims, not the governor going super crazy and killing a bunch of extras.

I read the Kirkman interview on and I really don't agree with him about Andrea when he defends her by saying she didn't have all the information the audience had regarding the governor. You didn't need all the information to know he's a wacko, Michonne realized it very quickly and Andrea just ignored it all. That we never saw much of Michonne and Andrea's friendship still annoys me, they were supposed to be very close but shared almost no screentime, everything happened during the off season. In universe Andrea spend more time with Michonne than with the entire Atlanta group during the first two seasons and we didn't get to see it. I think it would have been better if Andrea and Michonne had only come to Woodbury during the second half of the season, spending the first half surviving alone and being awesome.

The timeskip worked for Rick's group, we knew the characters and how they interacted before, so seeing them again after a few months acting slightly differently was really interesting.

I think one of the reasons they killed off Andrea was because they really didn't need her anymore, by separating her from the main group for the entire season she became expendable, the show had already moved on from her being a part of the main group.
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