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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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This is absolutely fascinating for those who have been interested or tracking the sales aspect of the New 52 since the relaunch.
Thanks for that link Admiral Young, very informative.
It also confirms what we all essentially felt, that readership levels would get back to pre-Nu52 levels soon.
I bet they could've done this chart after the #0 issue event and there would only be marginal change. These "big" events are just short term PR boosts and money grabs by the segment of comicdom that still jumps on anything with a #1 slapped onto it since so many of the core characters weren't actual reboots/new beginnings. They just carried over right from Brightest Day and Batman just kept going on "as is".

Like Icemizer and the article, how is Hawkman around when they cancel Frankenstein?
Glad to see Aquaman is still doing well but it looks like if they do cancel some 6-10 books I may lose Justice League Dark and Swamp Thing. I didn't see Animal Man on the bullseye chart nor Firestorm(maybe cause it's cancellation has been announced?).

Be interesting to see if the same data is done for Marvel Now a year from now.
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