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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

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- The buttons on each outer-ring station, e.g., Uhura's panels, are arranged in an arc that is exactly the opposite of what an ergonomic keyboard does to reduce stress on the wrists.


Still, for all that, it's awesome and I love it.
We reach on that. Love is irrational. You have good points. Uhura's buttons were arranged for arm-reaching, not for close-handed typing, so I think they make fine sense.

As a Jung devotee, let me point out the bridge is circular and with a fourness to it, the squared-circle mandala archetype of wholeness. At the center of it sits the undivided (in-dividuated) man, the union of head (animus/Spock) and heart (anima/McCoy). So I'm diggin' me that bridge forever.
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