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Re: 10 Things a New Trek Series Must Have

I'm sorry, but I love the idea of having a young, hot band's music be a part of the show every week; it's the kind of thing that should have been part of Star Trek for a while, just to show that rock, pop & dance did survive to the 23rd and 24th centuries and is just as valid a type of music as classical music is.

In fact, I bet that during the 90's when electronica was taking off, I'll bet that the producers of DS9 could have had an electronica group/artists like Moby, The Chemical Brothers, The Propellorheads, and my favorite, Daft Punk (who would have fit into Quark's Bar and the 24th century like a glove-check out what they were doing in this scene from Tron Legacy.) If JJ can have somebody like The Beastie Boys in the 2009 film, why can't there be a popular song in a Star Trek TV show?
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