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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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Even in America, I've heard the word dummy for mannequin. Shop dummy is a good clarification, imo, and nothing unusual.
I'm not objecting to it, I'm just saying I hadn't heard it before. Indeed, I've always enjoyed learning the ways British usage differs from American.

I've probably heard "dummy" used before, but in the US we tend to say "store" instead of "shop," at least in my part of the country. "Shop" is used, but in a narrower context, more for a small boutique sort of thing, I guess.

On that subject, I found it interesting that the preceding documentary made a reference to how villains like the Autons could menace people anywhere "from the home to the High Street." Now, "High Street" is a British usage you don't find in America (the closest equivalent is "Main Street," although I gather a High Street is more of a shopping district, like an urban mall), and it wouldn't be surprising to hear that term in a UK production. But I thought these documentaries were made by BBC America for the US audience (after all, a UK audience would have less need for such overviews of past Doctors). So I was surprised to hear the term used here.
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