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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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She was fighting a guerrilla war against the enemy. The whole "revenge" speech was just a rah rah speech to get everyone going after they'd learned of the genocide. In the next scene she pretty much acknowledges this and says calmly that her plan is to wage a guerrilla campaign. There are many examples in history where a small committed guerrilla force has beaten back a superpower.
Getting a third of your already depleted crew killed in a full-scale head-to-head raid on a now heavily defended Cylon relay even after it's shown to be a trap as your XO suggested is not the most auspicious beginning to a guerrilla campaign.

randomfan86 wrote: View Post
You question a lot of her tactics, but Adama himself said "From a tactical perspective, it is hard to find fault with anything Cain did" at the end of Razor.
I thought that line was bullshit apologism on the part of the writers. Hopefully it was more them trying to depict how Adama might feel after she's safely out of the way rather than injecting their own feelings on her character, because Cain was a menace.
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