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Re: Deanna driving the ship...

And as we don't see the planet anywhere in this shot. She had to have been pretty much flying right towards it.
The lighting angles tell an odd and exciting story here. Apparently, the Soran/Picard action takes place smack in the middle of the daylight side of the planet, while the Klingons first fire on the E-D in a darker setting where the local star is somewhere behind the shoulders of the Klingons. This is where the final shot is fired, too, despite all the maneuvering; Troi perhaps keeps the fight near the dusk or dawn shadow of the planet to prevent Veridian IV inhabitants from seeing what is going on, amd then parks on the sunny side.

At the explosion scene, the sun is shining from the direction of the upper bow of the vessel - so one would think both left and right would be away from the planet, which would be falling somewhere behind the stardrive section, slightly to starboard. It's not necessarily the shockwave that sends the saucer into the atmosphere, but the subsequent fact that helm control goes offline - perhaps the rudder jammed to "over to starboard"?

Indeed, the shockwave might have been relatively insignificant in the end, as we don't see it physically harming the saucer, or alerting the two men down on the planet, or creating weather patterns, or anything like that.

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