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Re: Defending Admiral Cain from Battlestar Galactica(mentions Dick Che

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I’m in the she’s a psycho camp.

The arguments in her favor are basically “All she did she did for the greater good”. You can argue whether or not it’s ok to sacrifice the a few thousand civilians to the cylons if it helps Pegasus win the next military encounter. Unfortunately there was no longer a war to fight, it was already lost. What was gained by the attack on the communications relay? Except of course the death of around 32% of the known human population and the destruction of much of her viper fleet. This would be the worse guerrilla tactic ever if that was even her plan. After all this she strips and then abandons a small civilian fleet she came across. By this point this hard ass mentality made her lose 70+ percent of the known survivors, and gained nothing.

These weren’t sacrifice that had to be made to save the 12 colonies from destruction as they were already destroyed. The reason to have a military is to protect the people and there way of life, she failed badly at it. If she was the one who was shot in the head at the relay the human race would have been in a better position.
You question a lot of her tactics, but Adama himself said "From a tactical perspective, it is hard to find fault with anything Cain did" at the end of Razor. Maybe her decision to attack was the correct tactical decision in the context of that universe. Lots of people on Pegasus say they owe their lives to her, she probably made some good decisions off screen. Kara says the fleet is less safe without her and Adama thinks highly of her tactics.
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