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Re: A New Star Trek Show Will Need a Stronger Focus on Characterizatio

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There's no reason the studio would use DS9 as the model for a new Trek series - they'll continue to look toward the most commercially successful examples from the past, not the fan-favorite niche shows.
Except DS9 is most like a modern TV show then the other Trek shows. Really most of the good TV shows on cable focus on characterization and ongoing plots.

A new Star Trek show will have to be a show of this era, not try to be a show from the 60s or 80s.
Yet when said show is produced and made, certain fans of an older age will be complaining about it being 'too modern' as well as complaining that 'it's too dirty/filthy/dark and my kids can't see it because of that', so they'll either stick with the older shows on DVD or with the fan productions like Phase II because Phase II's 'the real Star Trek'. Mark my words and make of this what you will.
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