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Re: "The best and most influential Trek series"

I love DS9 as much as a rational person can, but the article is over-egging it. TOS was the most influential Trek, and TNG was probably more influential than DS9 as well. DS9 did do some really cool serialised stories, but Babylon 5 was doing that sort of stuff at the same time and doing it better. And while the show had a bunch of amazing episodes and was usually very good, it also contains some of the worst material Star Trek ever produced. (This from a franchise where Spock once had his brain stolen by a race of bimbos in go-go boots.)

I suppose if that article convinces some new people to try DS9, and they like it, then it's all good. But if they go into the show expecting The Wire in space then they'll be disappointed. The article also spoiled some major events of the series, including the events of the best episode (in my opinion).

Basically, there are numerous angles from which I could grumble about this article, even though I agree with it in spirit. Which is my gods-given right as a Trekkie.
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