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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I loved the finale. PLenty of people loved it. TWD is a classic case of the internet community not being the gospel of how the show is perceived. I know so many fans, few of whom go on line regularly to post about it. They all love the characterization. It's the fact that it's not all zombie attacks that they love. That's why the show does so well in the ratings. Sure, the MTV attention span crowd thinks it's boring but who cares?
You should care, because this is not the other AMC series--it is a horror series. It would not exist without the gruesome main subject of cannibal dead people. Reduce that, and one may as well watch any other cable drama. It makes one wonder why they (not you) seem to want TWD to be something it is not--almost as though they really resent fantasy concepts so much, that they want the series to be just another talking head show.

There's plenty of that all over TV without TWD becoming just another face in that crowd.

At the risk of sounding shippy, I wonder if Rick and Michonne will become lovers. They don't neceassarily have to be sappy and in love. They've got a surprisingly nice chemistry.
Anything is possible, but I see them becoming close war /best friends--like his growing relationship with Daryl.
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