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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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Somebody pissing all over something he cares about, that's worth some ire.
But Abrams hasn't pissed on anything. I still have my three seasons on DVD, three seasons on Blu-ray and all six of the films. No one broke into my house and stole or pissed on anything. Even if Abrams did a Jack Black/Will Ferrell buddy comedy, no one can take away what Trek has meant to me over the years nor can they take away those collections. Hell, I sleep with the Diamond Select Enterprise on my bedside table.

As I said before, I love The Motion Picture and am lukewarm towards Star Trek 2009 (it did some things right, did some things wrong) but I feel the latter is far closer in spirit to The Original Series I grew up watching.

When people throw around "pissing on" or that someone is "stupid" because they made a movie they don't like, it just brings all those bad jokes about Trek fans right back to the fore. Shatner was right all those years ago when he told people to "get a life". There's nothing wrong with being passionate about something, but so many times here I watch full blown stupidity try to get passed off as "passion".
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