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Re: 7x06 The Bells of St John - review/ discussion

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Drive-by posting to defend the "Let's Kill Hitler" title.

There's some strong parallels inherent there. The Teselecta stopped their assassination of Hitler because they realized it was too soon - you can't kill Hitler before WWII because it would be changing time. That's one of the basic precepts of time travel. Likewise they knew that River couldn't kill the Doctor here because he dies in Utah in 2011. Likewise we knew they couldn't kill River here because we already know when she dies - in the Library.

So the "Let's Kill Hitler" title was actually an encapsulation of that entire aspect of time travel.
You know, I can actually accept that.

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Seriously, how stupid does he think the audience is?!
In the words of Freddy Got Fingered: "He's stupid!" "Not stupid!" "He's stupid!" "Not stupid!" "He's stupid!" "Not stupid!"

I'm sorry but you don't seem to realize you listed many quite sensible details too you didn't quite catch - it's the opposite and you'd think after the complexity of the partly incoherent Series 6 there was no doubt about that...

There's nothing inherently stupid in repetition or else the tardis would be stupid it's just a matter of preference what you want repeated.

Yes I mad about calling things one finds difficult in one way or another stupid as it's not what it's supposed to mean
So, you liked the way they did the "Doctor who?" bit these past episodes?!

Tell you something, dropped occasionally, I like it, too. I liked how it was done in "Boom Town", or "The Christmas Invasion". Because they did it once, the viewers catched it, smiled, and the show went on.

What I don't like is rubbing it in. It's like "Hey, fans, look, I just said the name of the show on-screen, and now I'll do it again. That was fun, saying it on-screen, right?! Let's do it again."

So, if you are entertained by this stupid bit, that's fine. I'm entertained by a lot of stupid bits. But let's call it what it is: Stupid.
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