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Re: The Dashcam Chronicles

Flux Capacitor wrote: View Post
If people think that I'm going to be shamed and embarrassed just because they don't approve of what I've done, they need to get over themselves.
No of course not. You should be shamed and embarrassed by the actual things you have done.
Shamed and embarrassed. For posting some harmless videos on YouTube? Something a lot of others also do on YouTube. Should all of those people be shamed and embarrassed, too? For doing something they feel is entertaining to people (many of those channels have many, many subscribers and views so *somebody* is entertained by these things)? Should the producers of a TV show that you don't happen to like be shamed and embarrassed simply because you don't like it? Who the hell are you to be so judgemental? Hell, I'm simply posting some videos from inside my car. You're practically telling me I should hate myself and be ashamed of my very existence because of it. Yet somehow I'm the judgemental one?
So what you're saying is that your Ego perk gives you immunity to the Shame and the Embarrassment status ailments. The +3 Helm of Self-Absorption doesn't hurt, either!
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