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1:07 - The Andorian Incident

TV Blurb: Vulcans play charades, Andorians don't play nice, and Archer plays human punching bag.

I first saw this on original broadcast, and not again until recently, which is the case with all of Seasons 1 and 2. My initial negative impressions of the series are starting to change, now that I've been able to rewatch these early episodes.

Jeffrey Combs makes a welcome return to Trek, now as Shran, leader of Andorian commandos invading an ancient Vulcan monastery. He'll eventually become a recurring character.

We begin to learn that Vulcans aren't quite so honorable as we once thought, and that besides being arrogant bastards, they're sneaky little shits as well. These are not your parents' Vulcans anymore. At the end, it isn't entirely clear if T'Pol was aware of the deception going on at the ancient monastery for those studying kolinahr, but viewers can easily draw their own conclusions.

This episode originally gave me an unfavorable impression of Archer, as he gets beat up. A lot. But now I can see he allowed that to happen for a reason, and not just because he was a wimp or masochist.

Jeffrey Combs gets to be a real tough guy for a change, and Steven Dennis is deliciously creepy as his sidekick with a lusting eye for T'Pol ("I'll enjoy having you... as a prisoner.")

The new Andorian makeup features moving antenna, radio controlled by off-screen puppeteers, and subtly indicate changes of mood.

I didn't find The Big Revelation at the end all that impressive.

Favorite line: "For people without emotion, you sure have a flair for the dramatic."

The season's blooper reel has an outtake from one of Archer's interrogations.

Next episode is "Breaking the Ice".
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