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So why didn't the Reapers develop a cure for the Krogan? I mean, they had the ability to mutate the Protheans into the Collectors and turn human paste into a Reaper, why not cure the genophage and resort to the Krogans? Of Mordin and his one time assistant could work up a cure for it, why can't the Reapers?
They probably could have if they cared to. They did not. They look at what's there, and pick out the "best." They don't go around "fixing" races, as that rather defeats the purpose.

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Plus of course Shepard was the one that found the Virmire beacon and spoke directly with Sovereign. I doubt it was even aware of Kirrahe's existence.
So you're writing off Kirrahe's role as unimportant because Sovereign probably wasn't even aware of his presence? That's like saying stealth tactics are useless because the enemy can't see you coming. For a Reaper not to be aware of what is attacking him is a pretty big freaking deal.
As Hartzilla2007 points out, as usual, you've totally missed the point.

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I figured it was that humans were still genetically diverse where as the rest of the galaxy was homogeneous by this point, so they had enough necessary diversity to make Soverign grade meat paste.
Pretty much my view, yeah. Still I think there's more to it than just genetics. Reapers would have been aware of humanity in general since at least the Prothean cycle, and as a space faring race since the First Contact war. It took their rise to galactic prominence in the wake of the attack on Eden Prime to really catch their interest.

You have to wonder though, who they were planning on liquidising before they settled on humanity. I mean, Sovereign wouldn't have tried to open the citadel relay to dark space unless they had a prime candidate. Yet from what Harbinger says the council races were all discarded as unsuitable. The Vorcha certainly had an adaptive genome, but I can't see their intelligence being sufficient for heir needs. The Batarians maybe?
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