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Re: Voyager Weirdness

I was really disappointed she wasn't in Kira's role. She was my first big love after TOS characters, really the only one I was enamored with on TNG. If I'd joined this forum back in the beginning I probably would have called my self Ro Laren

As to Kasidy, as someone said in the last discussion we had here (here being, not the DS9 forum) Starfleet was verrrrrry leery about Sisko and his religious and political position. They were not going to start yanking his chain because he had far more power over the Bajor situation than his position in Starfleet had given him. They would have realized Kasidy didn't pose any real threat and they would been hands off. Probably thought it was good for him, having a human girlfriend might ween off his Bajoran devotion. At any rate putting pressure on him was not going to happen.

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