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Re: The Sliders Kickstarter campaign

Holy Shit! With it being today I knew your post would be a joke but had no idea I would find this video! LOL!

No big bowties!!! I loved the early seasons but even from the start some of the variations in the alternate histories were as dopy as this.

Truth is Jerry is more like Quin in this than he was for most of season 3 and 4.

The "some other characters I do not know much about" comment is funny. Particularly because be not mentioning him that includes his own brother! Not just the characters brother but played by his brother in life.

Sliders always had comedic elements. Never occurred to me before but maybe a full out comedy would be a way to revive it. With the characters recast but given the premise the original cast could reprise their parts in cameos or supporting roles.

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