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Re: Voyager Weirdness

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I think for all their lusting over latinum and oo-mox the Ferengi still want friendship and loving relationships for the most part. Quark was always looking to form loyal connections with beautiful women and if they were a bit challenging so much the better. And yeah, I guess she didn't have to get any flak or defend herself to Quark. She's a prickly person so she was never going to get the kind of free pass Kasidy did.
Kassidy... I never got how anyone ever trusted her again. Just imagine a female freighter captain running supplies for Al Qaida, who somehow gets released from her time in Gitmo(six months?!) and goes to live on an army base with her boyfriend who's the colonel there..... yeah...

The Federation was routinely monitoring Tom Paris in that alternate universe in Non Sequitor for being a former Maquis and not even one of the bad ones. By all accounts Kassidy was successfully smuggling for sometime. We never even got her side of the story. Sisko sure swept that one under the rug even as he went postal on Eddington.

Ro... yeah, she had very valid reasons for wanting to join up and ones I liked and by her nature she was never too apologetic. I was really disappointed we never got to see her on a guest role on DS9.
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