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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Started playing this game in earnest over the past week or so. Great stuff! So wtf I'm bumping this thread because this is a damned good game.

Tried starting on Classic which... was probably not the best idea seeing as I didn't understand a lot of the basic mechanics of the game. So I was stuck doing way too much save/reload abuse to get the results I needed. I think the biggest problem is I didn't get satellites up beyond the first extra one for quite a while. The game complained about me not having interceptors and I took that to mean I shouldn't bother with satellites until I had an appropriate air force.. and of course I was never going to manage that while my underequipped troops were getting slaughtered in the field.

Anyway, with enough save abuse I think things were finally going well, got some satellites up, the tech tree was getting pretty fleshed out, my super soldiers could curb stomp their way through missions with a little care... so I did the only fair thing I could think of. Deleted that save, started fresh on Classic with Iron Man turned on.

So this time I am getting satellites up... I have an idea of what I need to research and build. Just got through the first terror mission, even managed to not lose any troops on that particular mission... though a Chrysalid conveniently ran away from my sniper whom he had dead to rights, but I digress. I have lost probably 7 or so troops getting to this point including my most senior... Iron Man can be cruel. Lost him to panicked friendly fire in a chain caused by me sending a soldier through some Thin Man remains.. which apparently causes poison. Ugh. That was bad.

Haven't failed a mission yet, though did come very close on one abduction where I was left in a 1v3 situation. After getting the first two guys in ultra-defensive doorway camping mode, charged the third (hoping it was the last one) blindly with run n gun (knew he was outside somewhere but no idea exactly where) and hit the 60% all or nothing shot for the win.

I read some smack talk about grenades upthread. I don't know if I agree. They're free. Can't beat the price. Rookies can't hit the broad side of a barn, but their grenade tosses are as true as anyone's. Nothing else early in the game is going to do that kind of consistent damage as you can usually get at least two enemies in the blast radius. I also love rockets. Boy do I love rockets. Unfortunately I've only gotten two heavies assigned so far and one of them was a victim of an untimely flanking. Just got the second one, looking forward to making some inconvenient walls and enemies evaporate!

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